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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
03May 14

Vote for me to get Hyperemesis Gravidarum the recognition it deserves


How to get an under-appreciated and misunderstood condition the recognition it needs to get respectful and effective treatment for sufferers... blog about it. And keep blogging and blogging and blogging. That's pretty much what I'm doing, as well as helping to run a charity to support the condition and writing a book on hyperemesis gravidarum.

My prolific blogging has lead to a couple of unexpected turns for me. I have, much to my surprise and deep honour been nominated for not one, but two prestigious blogging awards... proper ones with ceremonies and all!

The exciting thing about these awards is that it really does draw so much attention to hyperemesis gravidarum and the desperate need for improvement in care and treatment for it. As all you regular readers know this blog is all about highlighting the reality of hyperemesis, speaking out against poor care and promoting best practice, as well as providing support and strength to sufferers and their partners. And ultimately furthering the Hyperemesis Improvement Movement. So the more people that see it the more people will understand and appreciate the impact of hyperemesis gravidarum on sufferers around the world.

The MAD Blog Award category I've been short-listed in is for Outstanding Contribution and it's not a category you can vote for, it's up to a panel of judges. Despite being on a year out travelling with our children around North America my husband has kindly supported my desire to return for the award ceremony in September and I have booked flights from where in Canada I think we will be at the time so I'm all set to return – fingers crossed I win now!

The Brilliance in Blogging (BiB) Award I've been short-listed in is Commentary and Campaigns and for this I need your help... to get into the finals I need as many votes as possible. Click on the link below or above and vote for this Spewing Mummy Blog to win the Campaigns and Commentary category.


Getting through to the short-list for this is such an honour already but to actually get through to the final or even to win would be incredible. The awareness that can be raised for hyperemesis gravidarum would be phenomenal. The winners are announced at the Britmums live event in June where thousands of parent bloggers will be watching, this is our opportunity to let all of them know about hyperemesis and the horrific truth about the suffering it causes.

Thank you all my loyal readers, I truly appreciate your support.

Oh and if you are heading over there to vote then bear in mind that my colleague, friend and fellow HG veteran Emma Edwards (newly appointed trustee of PSS) has also had her Adventures of Adam blog nominated in the “fresh voice” category. She wrote a guest post on here last month about the toddler activities for mums suffering hyperemesis gravidarum she features on her brilliant site. So be sure to vote for her in the fresh voice category too and we'll have HG awareness wrapped up at the BiBs!

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Hyperemesis Gravidarum - The Definitive Guide by Caitlin Dean

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Hoe to be an HG Hero by Caitlin Dean

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I am mother of three beautiful children and wife to a fantastic and supportive husband. I am a nurse, a farmer and a trustee for Pregnancy Sickness Support. I love working hard and spending time with my kids.

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