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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
29Jul 13

Endings and Beginnings

I was naturally thrilled to hear the news that the Duchess of Cambridge safely delivered a baby boy last week. Regardless who they are and who he will be, to me he and his mother are HG survivors and that is worth celebrating.

An awful lot of HG babies don't survive the severity of the condition and many mums-to-be face the terrible loss of their desperately wanted babies, so every time I hear of a successful out come I want to applaud and cheer and rejoice and give thanks for modern medicine enabling us to survive.

But at the same time as the news about the new Prince broke I found out a dear friend of mine is embarking on another 9 months of hell in order to complete their small family. A family which is already restricted by this horrid and cruel condition. Just a week in now and she is already seriously ill, bed bound and requiring fluids, although her thin, dehydrated veins have refused.

My heart is aching for this amazing mum who gives so much to other women suffering. I feel so so lucky to have my three children and know that I never have to go through that long nightmare. Sometimes that lucky feeling is overwhelming and I simply can't believe it! I wish I could do more to help although we live a long way apart. All I can do for now though is keep up the fight: educate, research, raise awareness, fund raise, support and keep growing our support network. Hopefully the work we have already done, with the development of the network and things like the pre-emptive care plan means that her 9 months won't be as bad as her previous one.

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