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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
12Dec 11

A little setback

Well unfortunately I ended up in hospital last week. It seems I developed a sneaky Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) whose only obvious symptoms were extreme vomiting. I could not keep anything down from Sunday afternoon and so by Tuesday evening I was very dehydrated and hooked up to an IV in hospital. Once they sussed out that it was in fact a UTI which had caused the sudden and dramatic decline I was promptly given antibiotics and was back on the road to recovery. It is a shame because I had been doing so well this time and was confident that I had totally avoided hospitalisation!

Whilst in hospital I met my match with a doctor who absolutely refused to prescribe me B6, which I honestly think is the main reason I have been so well this time. She insisted on quoting to me from the BNF which said that it is not proven to be safe in pregnancy (I pointed out that none of the meds I was on claimed to be safe in the BNF, but she chose to ignore this). She suggested that I was in fact experimenting on my baby and she would not prescribe experimental treatment (I pointed out that B6 has been used and proven to be safe for far far longer than ondansatron which has only been around about 10 years and it has much better evidence of safety then domperidone, both of which she was absolutely fine about prescribing, but she chose to ignore this too). So, in order to be able to take the medication I required I discharged myself and went home once I had enough fluids on board. I am going to write to her and print off the research for her so she has the opportunity to improve her practice. She is going into general practice so all the more reason to educate her to the benefits of B6.

I am not the only one currently feeling the benefits of the pre-emptive B6 + Antihistamine regime... Two of my 'HG Friends' are currently first trimester with their second babies. Both suffered very badly in their first pregnancies; far worse then I did and both were in hospital by 5 weeks pregnant... this time neither are yet throwing up to any great degree although they are feeling pretty awful with constant nausea and both are maintaining sufficient hydration to stay out of hospital! 

So, my recent hospital experience and the obvious success of the B6 + antihistamine treatment for both me and my friends has spurred me on to get the PSS website finished and it will be launching any day now....

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