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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
13Feb 12

Still Plodding On

Apologies for not updating my blog for some weeks... I really haven't felt up to it unfortunately.

As readers will know I had high hopes that my second trimester may have been close to 'normal' and that I would feel a lot better for it then in my previous pregnancies. Sadly that is far from what has happened. Ever since my admission at 17 weeks I have struggled to keep on top of the sickness and the constant unrelenting nausea is really getting me down. I had hoped that I would be able to come off the various anti-emetics by now, especially as during my previous pregnancies I had a period of respite from about 20-26 weeks where I hadn't really needed meds, but alas, I am in fact finding that I need to take the stronger anti-emetic, Ondansatron, increasingly often these days.

I am now nearly 27 weeks and am rather dreading the next 10-13 weeks as, even if I don't actually get sicker (which is unlikely considering my history of deterioration in the third trimester) I am certainly going to get more uncomfortable with all the normal third trimester niggles.

None of this is helped by the fact that we are moving house in the next few weeks and our wonderful nanny, who has been an absolute godsend for this pregnancy, has injured her back... despite our best plans for surviving the 9 months, there are some things you just can't plan for!

On the Pregnancy Sickness Support charity front things are really coming on now! Our new website has launched and the support network is developing and strengthening. It has helped me greatly to know that the suffering I have been through in these three pregnancies is now being put to good use and I am able to help others to get through their difficult pregnancies. I am also lucky enough to be able to look at my two beautiful boys every day and know that it really is worth it!

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I am sorry that you are still suffering. I followed your blog a while back and was wondering where you were and how you've been getting on. You gave me hope when I was suffering terrible HG during the first trim. I am now 35 weeks and still on cyclizine. I have continued having nausea throughout, but the meds have stopped me being sick. The nausea is getting worse as the third tri progresses. Can't wait to feel normal again.
MummyK, 14th February 2012

I am 13 weeks into what has so far been the worst time of my life. Constant unrelenting nausea and vomiting has left me feeling very low and alone. The anti emetics given me by my gp have had no effect (stemitil ) but on the plus side she has signed me off until 16 weeks of pregnancy. Reading your blog has given me hope that it is all worth it and I don't feel so alone either. Thank you and I hope things improve for you.

Melanie x
honeycat, 3rd March 2012

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