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Suffering hyperemesis gravidarum can be such a lonely and terrifying experience. It is my hope with these books that women will know that they are not alone and there there is help and support available. My approach is proactive and positive and I hope that shines through in my books...

How to be an HG Hero

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Helping children understand Hyperemesis Gravidarum, does what it says on the tin… aimed at pre-school to junior school aged children the book enables them to understand what is happening in their world and how they can take a proactive approach as a member of the family “team”.

Following a little child and his mum through an HG pregnancy it offers explanations of what is happening, enables discussion of concerns and worries and makes positive suggestions for children (and relatives) to help the situation.

Author, Caitlin Dean, believes that if you give a child the opportunity to be part of the team, to help mummy when she is ill and an understanding of what is happening in the family, then the impact of HG in their lives can actually be a positive one.

The book contains two "HG Hero Certificates" to cut out and present to your HG Heroes.

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