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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
27May 15

You know you've had HG when...

  1. You have a cupboard full of antiemetics and know which one to take for every possible “type” of nausea
  2. You judge food by what it's like coming back out – spaghetti bolognaise is the WORST!
  3. You can play any game on your phone without moving more then one finger muscle
  4. You can accurately judge not just the number of millilitres in a cup but how many mls you just wee'd… that’s quite a skill!
  5. You can list more forms of ginger food and beverages than the average person thought could possibly exist.

ginger for hyperemesis gravidarum

  1. Yet even the thought of ginger makes you want to punch that flipping ginger in it’s bastard gingery face
  2. You and your partner have a mental map of vomit sites around your local area which can be used in conversation ie. “you know, the place near the co-op I threw up” or “the place on the A30 we used to pull in to vom”
  3. When you’re in a public place you mentally plan the best direction to run should you need to hurl and you know where all the nearest public loos are
  4. But given that you have a handbag full of possible vomit receptacles a loo isn’t really essential
  5. You get a positive pregnancy test and you pack your hospital bag that day
  6. You judge the quality of new mixing bowls by their potential for receiving sick without splash back
  7. You don’t understand what all the fuss of labour is about – it’s a doddle compare to the nine months before it!
  8. Your partner has to eat their dinner in the garden, in the snow, in January, because the smell in the house might lead to another hospital admission.
  9. You thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse… then you pee’d your pants whilst spewing and realised, oh yes… it can still get worse…



If you’re suffering now and would like online support from others then please check out the Pregnancy Sickness Support Forum for threads like this and other supportive chat.

For USA and International forum support check out the HER Foundation's forum.


Oh and if you like my blog I’d really appreciate a nomination for the MADs by 5.30pm today… Blog of the Year category and Best Writer are the only categories I fit as I’ve not been pregnant in the last year. Thanks!

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So true & also you make your husband put his deodorant on in the garden otherwise the smell will make you vomit endlessly. (It even turns my stomach now 3 years later!)
Joelle, 27th May 2015

hi Caitlin, wondered if there were any local support groups in the southampton winchester area - I'm not pregnant currently but had severe HG with baby no 1 - would really appreciate some support whilst having no 2 xx Thanks
Naomi Onisemo, 27th May 2015

Spewing Mummy replies...

Hi Naomi, we actually have lots of volunteers in the Southampton/Winchester area! Please get in touch via the Pregnancy Sickness Support website to arrange once you're pregnant. X

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