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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
04Feb 14

Welcome to my new site

So here is my fancy new site. More streamlined, easier on the eye (I hope) and significantly more functional.


I'm hoping that this new look will enable me to raise significantly more awareness and provide far more support then my previous basic blog.


You'll have to bear with me over the next few weeks while I populate the pages slightly more and add and adjust current content. But in the meantime check out my new shop... yeah I know, I only have one product so it's hardly a “shop” but it is a seriously great product... quality is more important than quantity and that calendar is pure quality.


Cleverly designed to help you through your nine months of hyperemesis hell, it doesn't claim to cure, it just helps pass the time and will hopefully make you feel a little less alone. Far better value then all the BS products out there that claim to cure morning sickness and are basically just placebos. Not only do they not work but they add to your hyperemesis burden by robbing your precious pennies while you're on sick leave!


Back up to the “bear with me” line... I'm now living nomadically with my husband and three small kids in a hire car and two suitcases... We have chosen to live homelessly, wandering (purposefully) around North America and Canada for the next year or so. We haven't left the UK yet, but fly to New York on 12th Feb. So... please bear with me while I try to find a rhythm for blogging on the road in between home schooling the little monkeys and having as much fun as possible.


In the meantime, enjoy the site, have a look through my best bits and buy my new calendar, either for yourself or for someone you know who is suffering – what a great present for a woman with hyperemesis!


And if you haven't already then don't forget to sign up to follow me via email and on social media sites via the links on the right.


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Hyperemesis Gravidarum - The Definitive Guide by Caitlin Dean

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Hoe to be an HG Hero by Caitlin Dean

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I am mother of three beautiful children and wife to a fantastic and supportive husband. I am a nurse, a farmer and a trustee for Pregnancy Sickness Support. I love working hard and spending time with my kids.

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Information and support for pregnancy sickness and hyperemesis gravidarum. Views are my own and do not represent those of any other organisation. Information provided here should not be a substitute for medical advice. My aim is to raise awareness and encourage sufferers to know they are not alone.

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