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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
13Feb 15

The Things People Say!

Following the launch of  Hyperemesis Gravidarum - The Definitive Guide (HGDG) and it's amazing reception in the HG Community I've now got time to focus on a couple of other projects I've had up my sleeve for a few years.

HGDG is very much a manual for the condition, a serious guide to the causes, treatment and care for the condition as well as self help and further signposting. While I tend to write in an “accessible” it is meant as a sort of text book for sufferers, healthcare professionals and families.

Now I want to do something a little more creative... more of a mental survival guide if you will... something that will make women feel less alone, more understood and stronger united with the rest of the HG Community. I want it to make women laugh, cry, scream, have hope, feel bonded and ultimately more able to cope with their experience. Hopefully it will also provide insight for people who haven't suffered too and will be essential reading for HCPs caring for our community.

But I need your help... more research!


I get so many comments and emails and I speak to countless women on the phone while running the PSS helpline, but I need them in a format I can work from if this project is ever going to happen.

Please can you take some time to fill this survey out. I've tried to make it a little bit fun so you can really let loose on the things people said to you during pregnancy. Take it as a chance to vent! You can do it with your partner if you want (unless of course he/she said the awful things! In which case I'll send you a copy of the book when it's out so you can shove it where the sun don't shine!).

It's so wonderful we have so many women getting involved in furthering the research and knowledge about hyperemesis... the more decent published material there is in the world the more the general public's perception of the condition will start to shift. In a few years people will have no excuse for never having heard of HG or for thinking it's “just a bit of morning sickness”. Attitudes like that will become extinct and replaced with awareness and understanding, empathy and helpfulness. Women being prescribed medication will be given proper information about the treatments so that scaremongering by miss-educated doctors and unscrupulous journalists will be a thing of the past. Women may still suffer HG but they won't have to fight for treatment and care for their life threatening, torturous and terrifying condition.

In the coming weeks I'm going to be tacking a much bigger subject... it's a massive taboo issue but it needs addressing. It's the fact of women terminating a pregnancy for HG, or rather - it's the fact of doctors terminating a pregnancy for HG instead of treating it. I'm going to be doing a big survey for those who have been through it and that's why I'm giving advanced warning. I'm hoping as many women take part as possible (anonymously of course) but I didn't want to spring it on you... I wanted to give you time in advance to think about whether or not you would want to take part to further awareness and to be ready for the survey. I already have a collaboration with a big organisation looking to collaborate on this issue and changing things for HG sufferers, but more on that next week...

In the meantime, this survey is meant as a bit of fun really... a chance to vent and tell me all the most awful and ridiculous things people have said to you... really go for it!


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I forgot to include some and it won't let me take the survey again - it's all the Kate Middleton comments! "Ooh, just like Kate Middleton - how posh!" ... was something that was actually said to me. Yes, very posh how I'm covered in vomit and my own pee from having heaved so much. "It went away for that Kate didn't it, she's doing engagements and things now" "It's trendy to have now isn't it!"
Hayley, 17th February 2015

Spewing Mummy replies...

Ergh.... that makes my skin crawl and smoke come out of my ears!!! TRENDY???????????

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