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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
03Mar 15

The importance of awards for raising awareness

At the risk of sounding like I'm just trying to big myself up and win stuff... there really is a good reason for voting for me. Getting the subject of hyperemesis gravidarum into the public eye is vital! By the HG community speaking up in the form of votes, nominations, completing surveys and so on makes everyone else realise it's a subject worth talking about.

By making it clear how much you appreciate the support available is to you it demonstrates how needed they are. And they are needed because HG is truly awful.

If I was writing about morning sickness, or how irritating having a bit of a headache is or some other mild thing which doesn't really cause much discomfort then I wouldn't have a great big following and women wouldn't feel inclined to nominate or vote for me. They do it because I'm writing about a subject with a massive impact. They do it because what I write and how I represent the subject makes them feel understood, less alone and more supported.

But that's only because HG makes them feel so misunderstood, alone and unsupported! If HG was a condition which was well managed, received great empathy and women were supported in great cradles of understanding and kindness then again my blog, the support network and helpline would all be rather redundant.

Caitlin Dean Spewing Mummy Hyperemesis gravidarum

So make the world realise how valuable a voice representing the condition is. Tell people how much you appreciate there being a support network and some bonkers woman who writes endlessly about spewing up. With all your voices back up my writing it has a much bigger impact and is harder to ignore... make your voice count!

It's the time of year when various awards are receiving nominations. Last year for the first time ever I was nominated for a number of awards including the MAD Blog Awards, the BIB Awards and even Tesco Mum of the Year Awards. I didn't actually win any of them but being nominated and shortlisted was incredible! On top of that some of these awards come with monetary prizes for our charity. This year I have been shortlisted for Britain's Best Volunteer by the Small Charities Coalition and Markel Group. To win I need votes and you can click the link below to vote for me and if I win then I get a whopping £1,250 pound to donate to PSS!

Click here to vote for me

In the next few weeks nominations will open for the MAD Blog Awards and the BIBs so please consider nominating my blog in those ones also. And if you happen to see any other awards that either myself, Pregnancy Sickness Support, the HER Foundation, Pregnancy & Medicine Initiative or anyone else involved in the Hyperemesis Improvement Movement could be nominated for then please go for it! It's a really positive way that you too can contribute to the movement, raise awareness and make a difference for our daughters. It's a useful tool for gaining local and national publicity and it's also really nice for those of us working so hard for HG sufferers to get recognised.

Finally, a reminder that you can also make your voice count by filling in my surveys. The termination survey will be open for a few more days and if you have been through the pain of terminating a wanted pregnancy because of hyperemesis it's vital that you make your voice count. I will be publishing the results with bpas who want to collaborate to reduce termination of wanted pregnancy and increase women's access to good, evidence-based treatment for HG. The survey is totally anonymous.

Click here to take the survey

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I've just watched a clip of you on This Morning and want to give you an award myself. People just don't get it. I'm not even sure the doctor say next you got it - I wanted to scream at her. Your comment about ginger is the first thing to make me smile today (I'm having a bad HG day) - you so understand! Thank you for speaking on behalf of all of us. I'm a teacher and feel such guilt when I'm on a bad day as there's no way I can work and I'm sure people in school think I'm just being a wimp over morning sickness (or maybe that's unfair and just my worry?) even though I've been hospitalised twice. I'm 14 weeks and I wanted to believe what I keep being told about reaching this milestone in terms of sickness subsiding - but alas not so. Thanks again - I have voted! x
Kelly Graham, 5th March 2015

Spewing Mummy replies...

Ah thanks for the comment Kelly and for the vote! I'm sorry to hear you are suffering. Be sure to get in touch with Pregnancy Sickness Support if you need more support and info about treatments! X

After leaving that last message - I contacted my duty midwife who was amazing and like you, got it! She's probably the first health professional (outside of my hospital stays) who has - just talking to me made me feel better because she could empathise with me. She did however immediately admit me back to hospital which is where I write this from (my third stay in 6 weeks) Just keep up the good work x x
Kelly, 7th March 2015

Spewing Mummy replies...

Ah, I'm so glad you are getting good care Kelly. Please be sure to let us know who your great midwife is and if you want to let her know how much it means to you by giving her an HG Hero Certificate. You just fill in the form on this page and you get the certificate via email to print off: 

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