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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
16Dec 15

The Death of Ginger!








The results from the ginger survey I did at the start of the year have no been published in a peer reviewed midwifery journal for all to see. This means that whenever a healthcare professional looks up treatment for hyperemesis or does a literature review to see what treatments do and don’t have evidence for being safe and effective this piece of research will appear and blows the nonsense “ginger might help” papers out of the water. Yes it has flaws, it was an online survey of self selected participants and covered a long time period (in research terms). But it was over 500 participants who had all been admitted to hospital for HG and the results were close to unanimous… STOP SUGGESTING GINGER FOR HYPEREMESIS GRAVIDARUM


As mentioned before I’m launching a new research survey in the new year as part of my Master’s dissertation and it’s currently going through ethics approval. So far on my course I’ve written an assignment on how the historical stigma of HG still impact the care and treatment women receive today. I got 85% for it and it has been accepted for publication in MIDIRS next summer!

So now I’m going to ask you to support my work…

First of all, I’m absolutely thrilled to have been nominated for a Tommy’s award for “parent voice”. I’m currently on the long-list and to be shortlisted for it I need as many people as possible to email  Tommy’s with “Spewing Mummy” in the title bar and tell them why I should be shortlisted… do I represent your voice and the voice of the HG community? If so please tell them how. The email address to use is

Second of all, most of you know that I don’t earn any money for the work I do, my role as Chairperson of Pregnancy Sickness Support is entirely voluntary and unpaid. I rarely get paid for publications and I generally self-fund things like attending healthcare conferences and teaching sessions. I do however earn a small amount each time I sell a book!

Please consider including my kids book as a stocking filler for your little ones this year, even if you’re not pregnant, it’s a good way of explaining what your went through during pregnancy and helping them to empathise with people when they are unwell.

Alternatively you can opt to donate copies of my books to PSS so that we can send them out for free to women who call our helpline (which I’ll be running over Christmas and New Year, again without any pay).

This movement needs your support. If you want to see more research like this reaching the healthcare professionals who treat you then we need your help. I understand that money is tight, particularly after an HG pregnancy with little ones at home and Christmas next week so if you really can’t manage to donate then please share posts and be sure to take part in my research next year to ensure your voice and experience is heard.

If you sign up to my blog mailing list you’ll get an email when I launch the research survey so you won’t miss out.

Finally, Happy Christmas everyone. For those of you pregnant now try to rest and stay hydrated and for those of you no longer pregnant… ENJOY! 

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I am suffering severely from HG. PLEASE HELP!!
Suki Samra, 29th December 2015

Spewing Mummy replies...

Hi Suki,

I have sent you an email.

C x

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