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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
01Jul 11

Raising Awareness and Co-ordinating Action!

I was able to attend the Pregnancy Sickness Support Charity's annual conference in Nuneaton last week and am now feeling highly motivated to action the various plans we discussed and get on with the 'raising awareness' business.

We are aiming to set up local support networks for women suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) or Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy (NVP). But on a national scale this is easier said then done when the charity is absolutely tiny and has no money! So the challenge is to set up support groups and raise money... money makes things happen! Between us we came up with lots of ideas for fund raising including writing a children’s book to help explain the condition to older children of women suffering in subsequent pregnancies, clothes and cake sales, sponsored events such as runs (not my own cup of tea!) and 'awareness' wrist bands or badges to sell. Any suggestions from more experiences fund raisers out there are very welcome...

Publicity wise, I have jumped feet first onto the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon and will be doing my utmost to post regularly and keep them up to date. Click on the above words for the relevant links. There is also a general UK support page on Facebook separate to the one above which is affiliated with the charity and if you know of anyone suffering please refer them to these pages.

I am now about to set to work making posters for GP surgeries/maternity units to advertise the Support Network I have set up for Cornwall and make leaflets for doctors/midwives to give out with the same details and those of the Charity to women suffering in Cornwall and the South West.

Unfortunately our own HG pregnancy plans are further delayed by an infection following the miscarriage... hopefully the antibiotics will clear it up swiftly and in the meantime this work for the charity is keeping me motivated and focused.

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Hyperemesis Gravidarum - The Definitive Guide by Caitlin Dean

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Hoe to be an HG Hero by Caitlin Dean

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I am mother of three beautiful children and wife to a fantastic and supportive husband. I am a nurse, a farmer and a trustee for Pregnancy Sickness Support. I love working hard and spending time with my kids.

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