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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
07Oct 11

Not too Bad!

Well fingers crossed it's because of the pre-emptive medication I'm on but so far it really isn't too bad! Don't get me wrong, I still feel awful, like I've been poisoned, and have been largely bed bound for the last 2.5 weeks, I've lost just over 5% of my body weight and am mildly dehydrated, but... it's all quite tolerable. I'm taking cyclizine and B6 and occasionally taking a metocloprimide when necessary. The huge support I am receiving from the ex-sufferers I'm in contact with is probably the biggest help and is making the long lonely days of lying still far more bearable with regular texts to check on my progress and to let me know they are thinking of me.

Everyone around me is hoping that this will lead to a far better 2nd and 3rd trimester than I have previously experience and I am glad they have hope; Rob and I however are reserving excitement and hope for now as the other thing that has helped with my currently positive attitude is that our expectations had been so low and we were prepared for the worst. Of course the flip side of the 'sunny coin' is that the pregnancy will not continue and with a definite improvement in my condition in the last couple of days (at only 8 weeks) it is hard not to speculate as to the reason. Having had 2 miscarriages we are realistic to this common outcome of early pregnancy.

However, if we get to 12 weeks with a healthy developing baby and sickness at the current rate of improvement then it will certainly be celebrations all round in the Dean household!

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glad you have the pre-emptive meds. Out of curiosity how "easy" was it to get them? I'm dreading having to "present my case" to my GP and having to fight to get meds before I feel like death
Pauline, 7th October 2011

I'd just been wondering how you were doing. I'm so glad it is better than previous pregnancies and really hope it is down to the pre-emptive meds.
Susan, 7th October 2011

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