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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
02Sep 13

Nine month of...

Despite Orla now being over 15 months old and just about walking and talking, my life is still filled with a constant and steady stream of HG. Not because I am suffering - thank goodness - or because I have any long term complications - double thank goodness – but because Pregnancy Sickness Support has grown almost exponentially and managing it consumes vast amounts of my time.

I am NOT complaining... I love it really. At times it seems too much and can be really draining but then I have to pinch myself to check it's all real – because it's AMAZING!

How much has been achieved and how many women we are now helping and supporting! The average week sees 14+ women getting support and being matched with one of our 110+ volunteers to help them get through the long and lonely months of bedbound misery.

This week we are holding a national conference for healthcare professionals in London where the latest research and treatment guidelines will be presented and discussed. It's so exciting that we will be meeting interested midwives and doctors from around the country, and in fact the world, to try to move things forward for sufferers.

But what is more incredible is the work of our dedicated volunteers. The start of August saw the launch of our first ever “Nine Months Of...” campaign. Our volunteers have a target of £9k to raise over the next nine months for PSS by doing individual challenges, which you can read about on the blog

For my part, my “non-hg-persona” aka Muma Dean, is blogging recipes weekly for the next nine months. I know that may sound easy, and believe me compared to nine months of pregnancy it really really is. But when I already work around 40 hrs a week for PSS, have three small children, a farm, am doing an online course and planning a trip round the world, just remembering to take photos of my food is hard enough bearing in mind I have to actually cook it first! Anyway, My recipes appear on the blog every Wednesday and the idea is that if you like it and use it you may make a little donation to the cause, which you can do through my BT MyDonate page.

Please head over and check out the blog, our volunteers are all working so hard to promote the campaign and raise the desperately needed funds for the charity so we can continue to help women and educate the professionals.

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