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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
29Nov 13

My New Look!

Woop woop! Check out my new logo and look... it's taken a while to get to this point. Well, "Spewing Mummy" as a concept isn't the easiest thing to summarise in a logo so kudos to Paul at Revival Design.

I'm sure I don't need to point out to sufferers the intricate symbolism ingrained in every aspect of the logo and design - I think it speaks volumes.

I've only got to this point thanks to the incredible support and thanks I get from my readers which drives me on to keep up the fight for hyperemesis sufferers around the globe! I'm reminded daily of how far we have yet to go to achieve the status for hyperemesis care which the condition and it's sufferers deserves. But I am also reminded, perhaps less frequently, of how far we have come and for that I am so grateful and proud. Without hyperemesis sufferers around the nation, indeed the globe, uniting we would not be making the impressive waves that we are. The future is already looking brighter for our daughters - soon we'll be surfing!

So to that end come and like my new Facebook Page to proudly take up your membership of the The Spewing Mummy Club!

You can also follow the Spewing Mummy Club on Twitter and follow this blog via email with the form on the right hand side.

Thank you all so much

Spewing Mummy xxx

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I love the new look, it's great. Well done and keep up the fantastic work x
Mummy Whiskers, 29th November 2013

Paul strikes again! How does he get it so right every time!? I guess that's why I am NOT a graphic designer.
Helen Hendy, 30th November 2013

Thanks Katrina, will do :)
Spewing Mummy, 2nd December 2013

I know, he's a genius right? I, on the other hand, just tried to spell genius 9 times before getting close enough for the computer to even be able to help me!
Spewing Mummy, 2nd December 2013

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