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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
10Jun 15

Market Research for an HG Shop

My Dear Readers,

The time has come… I must generate income in order to help fund the Hyperemesis Improvement Movement. I already donate vast amounts of money to the UK effort (not to mention working full time for free supporting women and running PSS) and I would like to be able to do more!

For that to happen I need to start selling my books myself so I’ve decided I’m not going to sell the upcoming kids book via Amazon as frankly they are fleecing me and bleeding me dry. Rather than lining the pockets of Amazon execs we need to fund the research efforts and service developments across the UK.

So I’m opening up shop! I’m selling my books directly and producing other products which I sincerely hope will make women’s lives with HG a little more comfortable. None of the things I intend to sell will claim to actually improve symptoms but it’s my hope that they will help women feel a little less alone and will offer practical help to women house or bed bound by the condition.

But here’s the thing… I need your advice first. I need you all to tell me what you think of my ideas and what items you do and don’t like!

Please can you take a few minutes to fill in this simple survey so I can gauge the market and if you’re part of any HG groups online then ask the women in there to fill it in too.

In the meantime, if you haven't bought my book yet but would like to then please click here to buy it rather than from Amazon.

Thanks lovelies

Spewing Mummy x

Fill in the Survey Here


Or if you don't want to take the survey but would like to get an email when my kids book is released then please fill in your email here:



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