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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
25Sep 14

Lets see some action

It's the Pregnancy Sickness Support conference on 11th October at the super cool Think Tank Science Museum in Birmingham. I'll be there, presenting on a range of topics and I'll have copies of our book which Amanda (who will also be there) and I can sign. And I want you there too...

Okay look, I know it's an effort when you have small children and weekends are precious and you need to sort stuff out for Monday or get chores on the house done while your husband is at home or you have a play date organised... But this is really important so stop making excuses!

If we are going to improve hyperemesis gravidarum care and treatment not just for our generation but for our daughters and granddaughters (who have a 35% chance of suffering as a virtue of being a survivor of HG) then we need to get moving. I speak to sufferers and advise women planning pregnancies on a daily basis so I know how far we have to go to get this condition recognised for what it is. I've got first hand experience of working with mainstream media who insist on calling HG “morning sickness”. And I witness the conversations on the various facebook groups where women want knowledge and research and better treatment. But I can't do it alone... I need support.

This year's conference is all about enabling families affected by hyperemesis to enact change in the world. We will be coving how to raise awareness, liaise with local and national media, support women who are going through it, building the HG community and how to use social media to promote the charity's key messages.

It will be a great day, it's easy to get to, it's only fifteen quid, which includes a delicious free lunch. You'll get to meet me and my PSS colleagues, ask questions and interact with the wider HG community. I appreciate that these sort of things can seem daunting, meeting new people and all that, but these are you comrades, your friends, your fellow survivors and you will come away feeling empowered, united, inspired.

I'm working so hard on all this, I have been for the last few years... and I need help... I need women and men affected by HG to stand up, take action, and help me. You may not know how to at the moment or may think you don't have the time, skills or experience to help, but that's exactly why you should come, to find out how you can make a difference for your daughters, nieces and granddaughters.

Please... come to the PSS 2014 Conference... I'll see you there.

For more details about the day click here or to go ahead and book you place click here.

NB. The conference isn't just for sufferers and volunteers, anyone with an interest in the condition and understanding it more, healthcare professionals, journalists and anyone else are all welcome to attend.

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Are children allowed? Im a single parent
elena veysey, 25th September 2014

Spewing Mummy replies...

Hi Elena,

Lap babies are easy to accommodate but older children may find it rather boring. We've arranged discounted tickets to the science museum so if you could bring a friend who would like to visit the museum with the kids then that would work well. You can book the discounted tickets on the booking form and there are more details about it here: 

Hope you can come X

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