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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
23Apr 15

I am so proud of you all

In case you didn’t notice this week saw a vast amount of coverage in the mainstream press about hyperemesis and how women in the UK are being failed by misinformation and prejudice about the condition. It even made the front page of The Times. The press came about from the release of the report “I Couldn’t Survive Another Day” released by Pregnancy Sickness Support (PSS) and British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas), which I authored along with the wonderful Clare Murphy at bpas. It was a report of the findings from the survey which many of my readers took a couple of months ago via this blog and the results were overwhelming.

The process of analysing the survey results and writing the report was, frankly, harrowing. Although with my experience running the UK helpline for the condition they were also very representative of women’s experiences and so shedding public light on the issue has been valuable beyond belief. I am so, so proud of all the women who took part in the survey, who opened their hearts and discussed the most distressing part of their lives to date, who bared their heartache and grief so that women now and in the future would not have to make the most harrowing choices.

By taking part in that survey those women and their lost babies have helped make things better. We have raised more awareness and changed more opinions than I could have hoped for. Okay there has been a couple of anti-choice articles making out like women terminate due to “morning sickness” but the VAST majority of the coverage has explained exactly how horrendous hyperemesis gravidarum really is. They’ve describe the symptoms and risks in a sensitive and accurate way for, perhaps, the first time ever in the major broadsheets (who, even when explaining the Duchess’s condition underplayed the whole thing). They’ve sensitively approached the issue of medication and why it is being withheld and, personally, I’ve felt that the whole coverage has been an honour to the children whose potential for life was stolen by this horrendous condition.

Sadly, even this week on the helpline, despite the national mainstream coverage, we have still had two women whose doctors are refusing treatment because “nothing is safe in early pregnancy” and they are reaching a point where they feel termination may be the only option due to needing to work and look after other children. But weeks like this will start to change things and a few years from now, I predict, that we won’t even have need for a helpline as all women will have consistent access to evidence based treatments, without a fight.

So to those ladies, many of whom I call my friends, who lost their babies and shared their stories… THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. And not just from me, but from all the other women who didn’t feel able to speak out and from their babies, from the women now going through hyperemesis now and their babies and from our daughters and granddaughters and our sisters and nieces, from our husbands and sons… thank you, thank you, thank you. You brave ladies have made a difference.

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