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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
11Oct 13

HG Heroes - Dr Tony Barnie-Adshead

How could I do a series of HG Heroes without profiling one of my top heroes, Dr Tony Barnie-Adshead! This handsome octogenarian has dedicated years of his professional life to researching the cause of pregnancy sickness and is a founding trustee of Pregnancy Sickness Support. He now provides daily support and hope to women at their most desperate moments.
Dr Tony Barnie-Adshead
As a young GP in Nuneaton he cared for a woman with hyperemesis who then limited her family to one child, unable to face it again. Determined to find out what was causing HG he started his research. Luckily Tony instilled his passion for the subject on a Junior GP within the Practice, Dr Gadsby (another Hero to be profiled soon) and together they spent years researching the cause of pregnancy sickness and HG, collecting blood samples and looking into the effect of the hormone Prosteglandin E2.
His important research is now available on the PSS website for the world to see although he would desperately love an enthusiastic young doctor to hand over the mantle to and continue this study. His other work has included conducting extensive literature reviews in order to profile the entire condition and all the various elements and effects of it. Tony has written vast amounts of the PSS website and edited the rest.
Along with his ongoing academic work Tony also answers the PSS helpline, checking the answer phone twice a day so that sufferers never have to wait long when in need. He can take a number of phone calls a day from desperate women needing support and help – he's been doing this for years and luckily for us he is still going strong.


I'm not sure I can adequately describe my deep personal and professional respect for Tony in a blog post. His passion to change things for the better for women with HG is intoxicating and inspiring. His dedication has been instrumental in my own determination to improve care and support. He and his wonderful wife Rosemary are some of the loveliest, kindest people I've ever known and I am honoured to call them not just my colleagues but also my friends. I can not thank them enough for all they do for HG sufferers worldwide.

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This comment has been removed by the author.
Helen Hendy, 12th October 2013

This comment has been removed by the author.
Helen Hendy, 12th October 2013

Hear, Hear! Tony is most definitely an HG Hero if not THE HG Hero!!! Also one of the nicest people I have ever met - legend.
Helen Hendy, 12th October 2013

As regards her name, I thhguot that she was never a Kate in real life, but always a Catherine , and it's just tabloids that have always called her that. But I could be wrong, since I'm not an avid royal watcher (though I am hugely pro-royalty when it means an extra bank-holiday). Anyway, as a fellow not-a-Kate who hates it when people get my name wrong, or swap the K for a C, I have generally tried to refer to her as Catherine (and discovered that a particularly stupid cow-orker didn't know that was her real name). What I didn't like about the tone of most of the newspaper reports was the way that they imply that HRH has now fulfilled her function, like a prized heifer or endangered panda. As a woman, her only duty is to get preggers, and without sprogs her life is meaningless.
Titi, 28th December 2014

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