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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
29Sep 13

HG Heroes

In recognition of the fact that HG doesn't just affect the pregnant woman but often her partner, previous children and anyone else caring for her, I'm going to do a series of HG Heroes. Starting with my own I will be posting pictures and stories of all the wonderful people who have helped women through their worst moments. I also hope it will offer strength and support to those suffering at the moment.
HG Heroes can be partners, friends and relatives but I would also like to recognise all the brilliant doctors, midwives, nurses and employers who have help women with HG.
If you have an HG Hero you would like me to post about then please contact me using the form on the right.
So, my biggest HG hero has got to be my wonderful husband Rob. He has been by my side for literally thousands of vomits, willing to support me regardless. Asking him to support me through a third round of HG was hard but he was therefore me at every turn.
He is particularly skilled at emptying sick buckets.
My HG has had silver linings for Rob as he is now a very hands-on, confident dad and he admits that may not have been the case had I not have suffered so badly, rendering him a single dad during the subsequent pregnancies. It has also given our marriage an unimaginable strength which we are both very proud of.
Now he supports me in my ongoing mission to raise the profile of the condition and my work with PSS despite it taking up vast amounts of family time. I know how proud he is of my work and I know I couldn't do any of it if it wasn't for him.
He's handsome too isn't he? :)

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