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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
04May 11

here we go!

So things have happened somewhat quicker than expected this time and it turns out I'm already pregnant! We are a little freaked out about it at the moment but we do feel ready for it.

I've started on the Promethazine as I have had nausea from literally the day I turned 4 weeks... which worries me immensely as I was 6 weeks before hyperemesis struck with both the boys.

So I said last time that I would tell you about the other ways we've been preparing. There is a variety of alternative therapies available which I don't doubt can help greatly with normal morning sickness but for me simply don't cut the mustard when it comes to full blown Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

In my previous pregnancies I have tried homoeopathy, reflexology, hypnotherapy and cranial osteopathy without benefit. I have however found potential benefit from acupressure in the form of wristbands, which I have on now and won't take off until I have delivered the baby (2 pairs so I don't need to take them off in the shower/bath) and I will probably need a fresh set after a couple of months as the elastic loosens on them. The benefit I get from them is more psychological than anything - "Have you tried travel sickness bands?" "Yes - see!". I can't be accused of not trying to help myself!

I also have some aromatherapy oil for nausea which I can still tolerate now, although I may not be able to once I'm sick. Ginger can be good in mild cases of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy but for most hyperemesis sufferers even the word ginger can instil such venom that any benefit is likely to be lost to boiling blood! The number of people who, during my first pregnancy, in all kindest, asked if I had tried ginger biscuits/tea/beer etc... The problem is, when you're too sick to keep tablets down the chance of keeping down biscuits is zero! Also, ginger flavoured products are really unpleasant to regurgitate! In the last pregnancy I did take ginger capsules for a while at the start but they were so awful that it just made it worse. There is a brand of sucky sweets and ice pops called preggie pops, designed to reduce nausea, which I have stocked up on... I found them a little helpful in the first pregnancy.

Acupuncture is supposed to be very beneficial but I needed a therapist who would come to the house as travel to a clinic is impossible in the early weeks and I have yet to find one.

Other things I have done in preparation include buying a kindle as the weight of books made it hard to hold and page turning was too much movement and induced vomiting. Also in the early weeks reading is out of the question anyway so I have downloaded some audio books to listen to. I've also bought new bedsheets and some maternity pyjama bottoms as anything touching my stomach is painful.

I've spoken to the dentist to get advice (brushing my teeth makes me sick and obviously all the vomiting is bad for my teeth) and I have a small tooth brush with a soft head and a special mouth wash for after emetic episodes which will protect the enamel.

In my next blog I'll tell you about the research surrounding the medication I am currently on.

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