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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
09Feb 15

Helping pregnant mums get the right medical care

As some of you know I've been working hard to develop collaborative relationships between organisations such as PSS and the Pregnancy & Medicine Initiative. There is only so much individuals and small organisations can do on their own and by pooling our resources and working together we can reach larger audiences and have a greater impact nationally and internationally. I've featured a post by Caroline before and since then our working relationship has strengthened further and last week saw the launch of a joint fundraising and leaflet distributing project to get information about medication in pregnancy to the women who need it. Over to Caroline to tell you more about this important and exciting project: 

When I was pregnant with my first child, I often felt vulnerable and under-informed. Whenever faced with a medical condition, even the smallest (skin rash, a bad cold, nausea…) I would turn to friends or the internet for recommendations, and got very conflicting information. And more often than not, the advice was “wait it out” – doing anything other than drinking tea with lemon might harm the baby.

In my case, waiting it out was a reasonable option, and while I felt miserable for a few weeks during my pregnancy, I didn’t face any serious effects from these minor issues. But what if I had faced a major health issue, I asked myself?

Much too often, women who face a serious medical condition while pregnant are thrown into a whirlwind of contradictory advice, and need to make important decisions about their health without proper information or support. Very often, they even receive conflicting medical opinions from specialists and obstetricians, and must make the difficult choice of following one or the other’s advice, at the risk of being stigmatised.

What if we could help women in this situation ask the right questions to help them make these important decisions?

At the Pregnancy and Medicine Initiative, we believe pregnant women have the right to mare informed health-related decisions and have the right to access the medical care they need. We’ve developed a kit that can help facilitate the dialogue between them and their doctor(s), so they can get answers to their questions, or at least encourage their medical team to look further than the obvious solution.

We need your help. The kits were developed with the help of our Advisory Board, made up of medical experts in the field of oncology, bioethics, rhumatology, obstetrics and pediatrics who are involved in the issue of pregnancy and medicine. We are looking to raise funds to distribute these kits across hospitals in the UK so a maximum of women can benefit from them.

Will you support us? £10 will help us reach about 150 women. In addition, part of the proceeds will go to our partner charities, Pregnancy Sickness Support and Mummy’s Star, who are doing fantastic work supporting pregnant women facing a serious medical condition.

Thank you in advance for helping us. Please vist our fundrazr campaign to find out more:

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