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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
22Oct 13

Great Minds Think Alike

Completely independently both the HER foundation and I started our HG Hero awards – when we realised there was an amusing flurry of emails. “Oh no, please don't think I copied your idea!” came from both sides and we decided that great minds think alike and that both series should continue simultaneously as all HG Heroes around the world should be shouted about and bigged up.
Little did I know at the time that I was myself in line for an HG HERo award! The email this afternoon from Ann Marie brought a tear to my eye - A little bit because it's really great to have your hard work recognised and I am utterly honoured to receive such an award - but mainly because right there above me is my friend and colleague Heather Miranda.
Heather truly is an HG Hero. She is the most committed and dedicated volunteer in PSS and works tirelessly to support women suffering. She emailed or text me every single day while I was pregnant with Orla. She is suffering herself at the moment to provide a sibling for her little boy. I am ashamed to say I only text her every few days, although luckily I know she has a whole team of other women repaying her kindness.
Heather also raises awareness and funds for the cause, self funding materials and putting vast amounts of time into awareness stands and packs to post to hospitals and sufferers. Here is an information stand she put together earlier this year
Awareness and fundraising pack by Heather Miranda


Heather humbles me – she reminds me why I do what I do and she inspires me to do more. I may only text every few days but I think of her every day and put her dedication on a pedestal to fuel my ambition for this cause. I'm so glad that she is being recognised, internationally, for this work and am grateful to the HER foundation for both our awards, they are truly appreciated and will give us the lift we sometimes need when things can seem just too much.  
Heather Miranda - HG Hero
PS. I know my blog has been rather "soppy" of late, apologies - I'll aim for amusing next time ;)

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Its thanks to you blogs and website that have helped to keep me going through the tough times and know I am not alone. I have made a promise to myself that next year after baby is born I will raise some money and be a volunteer. Its the least I can do for this charity. Thank you Caitlin :)
Natalie Morley, 23rd October 2013

Ah Natalie, thank you so much for your comment. It's so great to know that our message is reaching those who need it and letting them know they are not alone. It will be great to have you on board with PSS and thank you for reading and sharing my blogs.
Spewing Mummy, 23rd October 2013

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