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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
03Apr 14

Educating Midwives... An Article I'm Proud of

Click here for the article or read on for the story behind it...

A few months ago I was tweeted a link to a MIDIRS (a midwifery journal) article about hyperemesis. It was on the front page and was questioning whether hyperemesis was a “spiritual” condition. The article, which discussed one case study of a women whom personally I would not have considered an “HG” patient at all, claimed that as hyperemesis is neither psyhological nor biological (not sure how she claimed that as there is plenty of evidence of it's biological cause), it must therefore be “spiritual”. I was vexed.

I was still vexed when I happened to be at the Royal College of Midwives conference representing Pregnancy Sickness Support and I noticed that MIDIRS, along with their offensive front cover had a stall a few rows down from us. Duly Amanda (my colleague and co-author on the book) marched over and explained to the poor women representing the publication why said article was so offensive and frankly ridiculous.

The following Monday the editor was in touch asking me to write an article for them. A “patient perspective and how the midwife can help” angle was decided upon and I got writing. I submitted and was met with an incredible amount of edits. Honestly, it needed them... I had written from the soul and with far too much emotion and defensiveness (an inherent quality of many an HG survivor, I find). Edit I did and massively improved the article. The editor and I stood our ground over a couple of points I considered crucial and common ground was found. It also lead me to question my closeness to the subject and prompted my survey back in January.

I am exceedingly pleased with the results and hope that you, my readers, are too. My hope is that every midwife, nurse and doctor that comes into contact with a hyperemesis sufferer will read this and feel inspired to give her the best care possible... so please share the link, as much as you can and lets educate the world...

Click here to access the full text article. Thanks to Essentially MIDIRS for allowing me to share their published article. I look forward to writing for them again.

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As a hcp myself (I'm not a midwife) I know that I take a lot of notice of what's published in my monthly professional magazine. Therefore I am quite shocked an inaccurate article could be published in the first place. As a HG survivor i already know all too well about having to fight a battle with hcp during HG and articles like this really hit home that as a profession poor training really needs to be continually addressed. Well done on your article and I want to thank you for continually being our voice for HG. Personally I could not have got through my HG journey without the HG support group you originally started on facebook x
Louise , 3rd April 2014

Spewing Mummy replies...

Hi Louise,

Thanks for your comment, I too was shocked by the "spiritual cause" article but I feel they redeemed themselves with mine ;)

I'm so glad the support groups helped... peer support is so crucial for this condition, as is educating the professionals! 

We are making progress these days though, putting one foot in front of the other we will one day be at our goal.

Are you volunteering for PSS now? if not it would be great to get you on board!

Caitlin x

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