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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
03Feb 15

Brushing my teeth still makes me retch... and other post hyperemesis phenomena

When the toothpaste foams just a little too much, or I swill my mouth and spit in the sink... sometimes it still makes me retch.

When I'm at someone's house and they make a cup of tea without mentioning it has earl grey in it... I'm trying not to retch.

When I clean the family loo and look down in the bowl... I have a sense of over familiarity, it induces nausea.

When I wake in the night to my children's needs... my stomach does a flip, a familiar sense to vomit urgently.

When my children or dog are sick... I can't help but retch and gag.

When my children throw up in a bowl... I have to hide it in a corner for my husband to dispose of after work.

When we drive down certain roads... it is landmarked for ever by the places I threw up.

When I look at my wrists... I still see the scars from the pointless acupressure bands I wore to prove to the world I was at least trying to "help myself".

When someone mentions ginger... I'm filled with rage and anger.

When someone asks about a cure or the cause for hyperemesis gravidarum... I'm filled with sadness that neither are yet known.

When I look at my children, sleeping in their beds and I stroke their soft faces and kiss their little cheeks... I know it is still worth it.

When I post my blogs and answer emails and calls from desperate women... I know I am helping others.

When I write articles and publish research... I know I am changing the world.

When I look at my life... I know I am changed... because of hyperemesis gravidarum... and that's okay.

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Yes! This. Exactly this. Plugholes in sinks, trying to clean the toilet, too much toothpaste, my children or cat being sick, vomit landmarks all around my hometown & Tottenham Court Road where I used to work, cannula scars on my wrists where they ran out of places to put it. All of these things still affect me 3 years after my second HG pregnancy.
The Pie Patch, 3rd February 2015

Spewing Mummy replies...

LOL... so many little things! Our town if for sure landmarked with the places I threw up.

I suffered from HG with both my pregnancies. My kids are now 11 and 14 but there are STILL things that make me nauseous by association... The Weakest Link TV show (cos thats when my hubby would cook tea, the smell setting off another round of vomiting)...plain water (cos I was told by a nurse in one of my many stays in hospital that everyone can keep that down, right? Erm, no) ...and our local church (cos I spewed in some bushes before realising that I'd just christened the bottom of a memorial plaque. The mortification still lives with me) There wasn't the same support, understanding or awareness when I had HG. I salute those that can offer support to help to fellow sufferers now!
Avril, 3rd February 2015

Spewing Mummy replies...

Well if you ever want to get involved Pregnancy Sickness Support is always keen for new volunteers!

Yes! A certain make of squash, even the thought of it makes me want to retch, I threw too much of it back up again. Countless tiny round scars on the backs of my hands and wrists from the drip needles. X
Marie, 3rd February 2015

Spewing Mummy replies...

Oh yes, there are a few drinks for me... I think because they came back so quick they would still taste the same so the memory impact was stronger!

The now sad and unloved incredibly expensive hand soap that was a wedding present. I used to wash my hands after being sick with it, and now the smell makes me sick. It's be consigned to the garage for my husband to use!
Becca, 3rd February 2015

Spewing Mummy replies...

Oh dear :( I can't stand the palmolive hand soaps anymore as we had it in my first pregnancy. Luckily it's not a hardship to dislike it!

the smell of certain foods and aftershaves that I now forbid my partner to wear, are additions for me, also I had to sell my car after I had my daughter and throw out a handbag when pregnant with my son. And as a complementary therapist at least I am able to sympathise with other HG mums who come in looking for help, just unfortunate that all I can do
Lynne Kelso, 3rd February 2015

Spewing Mummy replies...

Oh yes, I'd forgotten about my husband's deodorant! Can't remember what brand but if another man is wearing it now I can smell it!

Dioralyte - makes me wretch and want want to throw up - as they made me try that to rehydrate me LOL like I could keep it down :-/ and that is 22 years later!
Nichola Hepple, 3rd February 2015

My boyfriends body spray, talking, moving,the smell of random things, sights or sounds. Anything triggers my HG and i cant cope. Iam 10 weeks and been in hospital 8 times scince i found out at 4 weeks pregnant. I have the drip and iv anti sickness wich helps for 1 or 2 days then am back to being ill again :(
KAYLEIGH HENDLEY, 5th February 2015

Was never diagnosed with HG but I think I had it (self diagnosis is terrible I know, but when I told my GP I couldn't drink she told me to try harder, still upset about that after 2 years.) I still can't drink water. Water would make me vomit instantly - plain, sparkling, ice cubes, mineral, tiniest drop and I'd be sick. Similar with apple juice, except that the occasional mouthful of that was all that I could keep down, but the association. And chicken stew. I shouldn't really think or talk about it because that makes me feel sick, anxious and faint. Thinking of ever being pregnant again makes me feel the same as if it was HG I'd probably go through it all again.
Caroline, 18th February 2015

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