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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
30Jan 14

All Change Here - Mind the Gap

There is rather a lot of change in my life at the moment. You see my husband and I have decided to embrace the moment and take our three (very small) children off to see the world. We leave on Saturday and you can read about it here on my Adventures of Muma Dean blog.

Fear not though dear readers because Spewing Mummy will continue not only to be, but to thrive! I have bitten the bullet and ordered myself a lovely spanking new website. It launches tomorrow. The only real difference you'll see is that it will look lovelier and work better. You'll be able to find older posts more easily and I might even have some goodies for sale and freebies to help you through your darker moments of hyperemesis.

The change over will mean that if you have previously subscribed via email for notifications of new posts then you will need to do that again using the new form on the right hand side. If you don't already subscribe then please do. It is easy to unsubscribe if you give it a go and then change your mind... so go on and sign up. This will also be the main place to keep up to date with news about the publication of the up coming hyperemesis gravidarum book I'm working on.

Remember also you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter where you can share links and posts to keep the awareness raising going!

Admittedly my posts may be a little more sporadic once we hit the road, as internet connection won't be constant but hopefully you won't notice any major disruption to normal service.

Finally - thank you all for all the amazing support you've shown this blog, sharing posts and tweets and leaving comments... it's wonderful to see people taking such an active role in raising awareness in a positive way. I hope you enjoy the new look tomorrow. X

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mine started in the midlde of my 5th weeks then it was only if i smelled garlic by my 7th week it was all day everyday i lost alot of wieght with mine and not everyone will have it as bad as others i would think that by the 7th weeks normally people start experiencing it
Roselma, 28th December 2014

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