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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
01Jun 12

A Happy Ending!

Well for the last couple of months of the pregnancy I simply couldn't use the computer at all for more than about 5 minutes and the blog therefore got left behind as I struggled just to get to the end of each day without crying, screaming or trying to cut the baby out of my belly!!! Thank goodness for smart phones allowing me to pass the days on facebook and so on!

But... Orla, our beautiful daughter, is here at long last! She was born at home in water (that's the easy bit!) and is absolutely perfect! I can not thank the women who supported me through out the pregnancy enough and I really do believe that effective support is just as important as effective medication when it comes to surviving a hyperemetic pregnancy.

Which is why I am now planning to work super hard on further developing the support network that I started almost a year ago with the Pregnancy Sickness Support Trust. It's nearly time for their annual conference again (21st June) and I am so excited to be attending and speaking on the developments that have happened over the last year, our website, resources and the support network. Just this week we received the first run of our new information leaflets from the printer with the fantastic logo and design by revival design. They look so good and more importantly will make such a difference to women suffering pregnancy sickness and their long suffering carers.

Because of the time and energy I plan to dedicate to PSS I am not going to continue with this blog as my time is better spend elsewhere but if you have just come across it I am contactable via the PSS support network for the South West.

Finally I would like to thank a few people who made it possible for me to survive this pregnancy and complete my family (and I do feel thoroughly complete now!). Firstly my amazing GP Dr Tullberg and all her colleagues at Carnewater Practice. Her pro-active approach to treatment and her supportive and understanding attitude towards the condition made such a huge difference. It is just such a shame that the excellent care I received this time is not the norm throughout the country. Secondly, all my HG friends; Jo, Rachael, Kerry, Anaya and many more on facebook, to have the understanding of women who truly know what the day in day out suffering is like makes such a huge difference! But most of all, my amazing husband who has been so supportive (despite only wanting 2 kids in the first place!), he has pretty much been a single dad for the last 9 months doing all the night time and morning stuff with the boys, looking after me and going out to work as well. Luckily, HG has ultimately brought us closer together and we know if we can survive that ordeal, 3 times, we can survive pretty much anything!!!

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