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Journey into the world of hyperemesis gravidarum...
06Nov 13

10 things NOT to say while your partner is spewing up...

I saw a post on Parentdish this morning about what not to say while your parent is in labour. My husband was great during labour and I was lucky to have really lovely home birth experiences for all three. However, having clocked up over 2,000 vomits across three pregnancies Mr Spewing Mummy was bound to say the odd faux pas every now and again while I had my head down the loo. To be fair, he didn't say all of these... just a few!
So while most of these, except 9 and 10 (I hope), are acceptable to say to someone puking after a heavy night out, under no circumstances should they be said near a woman with hyperemesis gravidarum! You've been warned....
  1. Can you keep the noise down.... Er no!
  2. Ew! Those cornflakes look just the same as before you ate them - Gee, thanks for the commentary!
  3. Wow that sick really stinks - If emptying my sick bowl by all means think it, just don't say it!
  4. Better out than in - NOT helpful, particularly when nothing has stayed in for weeks and behind the constant nausea is a feeling of constant hunger!
  5. Well that's put me off my lunch - Oh boo hoo for you!!!
  6. I though you said you hadn't eaten anything? - Ouch, a touch of the not believing! Not just the wrong thing to say but outright nasty.
  7. You ought to be used to it by now - Hmmm... How about I keep hitting you with a stick and see if you get used to it...
  8. Did you spill some water? - Erm no but you've just added to my humiliation.
  9. Don't puke the baby up! - Yeah I know you're trying to be funny but it's really not!
  10. Well – you wanted this pregnancy - OUCH! Yeah I wanted a pregnancy but I never asked for HG!

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