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aka Extreme Pregnancy Sickness.

Well the duchess had it now they all want it, and other ludicrous things people say

Well the duchess had it now they all want it, and other ludicrous things people say

“It’s fashionable now the Duchess has had it, they all want it”

Oh yes, and if the Duchess broke her leg the mothers of Britain would head to the nearest play part and hurl themselves off the climbing frame to sport a matching plaster cast. Obviously.

“Oh I had that but I just got on with it, I didn’t have to go to hospital, I nibbled ginger biscuits”

It’s a bit like….

“You’ve just got out of hospital for puemonia? Oh for goodness sake… I had a cold the other day and I just drank some hot honey and lemon and bought those soft Kleenex with aloe vera… you should try that next time instead of IV antibiotics!”

“You shouldn’t take that medication while you’re pregnant… haven’t you heard of Thalidomide? Your baby will be deformed!”

And there was me thinking medical knowledge and research had moved on in the last 60 years. So while we’re in the process of eschewing all medical treatment in pregnancy, such as anti-biotics for life threatening infections, because once 60 years ago one drug caused a problem, lets also decline the other medical advances in the last 60 years… vaccinations, chemotherapy, safe anaesthetics, heart and brain surgery, the ability to not die from thousands of conditions… ya know all that stuff.

“Pregnancy isn’t an illness… you shouldn’t make such a fuss”

Yeah pregnancy isn’t an illness – it’s a whole other level of risk taking and death dicing for the sake of our drive to reproduce… Even now around the world an estimated 275,000 women killed each year in childbirth and pregnancy, although the vast majority of those are in the developing world today it’s really not that long since 1 in 20 women would die during pregnancy and childbirth. Hyperemesis gravidarum was the leading cause for early pregnancy deaths and there have been UK deaths from complications of hyperemesis gravidarum in the last 10 years.

“It’s harder on the poor men when their wives have hyperemesis gravidarum”

Find me a man who has witnessed his wife suffer this condition while carrying his offspring that agrees with this statement… go on, I dare you.

“Well I’ve never heard of it… it must be in your head”

Oh yeah cos you’ve heard of every medical condition to have ever been documented – what are you, wiki-fucking-pedia???

“Morning sickness is over at 12 weeks… it never lasts longer than that so you’re either some sort of freak or making it up”

Um, for the 1 millionth time, IT’S NOT MORNING SICKNESS, it’s sort of vaguely similar in that morning sickness is like a very very very mild version of hyperemesis gravidarum and 2 of the symptoms (nausea and vomiting) and cause (pregnancy) are common to both… like a cold is a very very very mild version of the flu, they share similar symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing and fever and both are caused by virus’s. Or like how spraining your ankle is like a very very very mild version of breaking your ankle, it shares pain in the ankle region as a common symptom and both are caused by injury to the area.

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