Based in Cornwall, UK, Spewing Mummy is a blog by
Caitlin Dean.
Her posts explore the trials and tribulations of suffering with  Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) 
aka Extreme Pregnancy Sickness.

Very inspiring blogger award

Very inspiring blogger award

I never knew such a thing existed as the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” because to be honest I'm not a big blogger... or at least I didn't think I was, in fact I now have 3 different blogs and another waiting in the wings and I've been asked to do guest blogs on other subject and this blog has been read by nearly 12,000 people! Who'd have though hey! I was terrible at writing in school as I'm dyslexic and from a time when no one had heard of, or believed in, dyslexia. Hopefully a few years from now I'll be saying “I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum back in a time when no one had heard of it, not like now when it's diagnosed and treated without issue or stigma”.

I was nominated by Lucinda Elliotwho is a very talented and experienced blogger and novelist but who suffered with HG herself. Thank you so much Lucinda for nominating me, I'm honoured! Here is the image I can put on my blog now:

So to claim the award I must now tell you all 7 facts about myself (I'm very glad the award is for this blog an not one of my others which I have gone to great lengths to keep anonymous!), here goes:

  1. I'm passionately Atheist.
  2. I enjoy reading about and imagining a post apocalyptic world... in my imaginations though it is always the sort of  "cosy catastrophe" such as in The Earth Abides and obviously Rob and the kids all survive along with me!
  3. I adore learning about science, evolution and space
  4. I can't much be bothered with housework but I do love cooking, especially for friends... as a result my kids are generally well fed and sociable but grubby!
  5. I think being an adult is great and still get a kick out of being able to by sweets and treats as and when I want, which is partly why I eat a lot of sweets! (and ironically my poor children aren't allow any sweets which are “for grown ups... like alcohol!”
  6. I absolutely abhor homophobia, racism, sexism and any sort of discrimination about matters which are not chosen, but I recognise that such attitudes are usually the result of plain ignorance, whether wilful or not.
  7. I love bush craft and am pretty good at whittling spoons from wood and lighting fires with a flint, I like tracking and plant/tree/bird identification... bit of a geek really! We really are so incredibly lucky to live on a farm in an area of such beauty and abundance.

I must also nominate 15 other blogs which I find inspiring or enjoy, this is hard as I don't actually know many other blogs, but I'll do my best:

Mr Oz Atheist - an inspiring atheist

The Quakometer - Dispelling nonsense about alternative therapies and stuff

Yellow Road Convoy Company - a beautiful couple who have packed up to travel the world whilst using their knowledge and expertise to help not-for-profit organisations and community projects

Martin S Pribble - an inspiring atheist

Homesteading/survivalism - all sorts of bushcraft stuff

Black Dog Tribe - Mental health awareness and support

The good life in practice - keeping it real and self sufficient

The Flockable Lasses - young women striving to become hard core sheep farmers

The Family Patch - Amanda Shortman is a colleague and friend whose writing I enjoy and whose energy and enthusiasm I find inspiring.

I also would like to nominate PeachesGeldof's blog, firstly because I think she is a very good writer and I enjoy her style; she wrote a newspaper article recently about gay marriage which I thought was beautifully written, poignant and powerful. But secondly (and perhaps more relevant to this blog), she blogged in December about her experience with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and in it she specifically credits our Pregnancy Sickness Supportwebsite for providing the information and support she needed to get a diagnosis and proper treatment. I find this article inspiring... it gives me the drive to carry on working hard to raise awareness about HG and it's treatments, knowing that women out there suffering, whoever they are and from whatever background or up bringing can find our website and get support and strength from it. If I doubt that my work and passion are worth the effort I read this blog and the comments after and know that it is worth it... I am inspired!

Hmmm... that's only 10, but surely nominating blogs I don't read and find inspiring defeats the purpose of the award so I think I'll leave it here. These are all blogs I enjoy and feel inspired by, I hope you do too!

Two years on...

Two years on...

Thinking of others

Thinking of others