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HG - A dads experience by Matthew Henwood

HG - A dads experience by Matthew Henwood

When my fiancée told me at 05.26am on the 7th May 2013 that she was pregnant I firstly didn't know what to do - whether to jump up and scream, shout “OK honey” and go back to sleep, hug her and pat her on the back or grab my 'men's department' and shout they work and congratulate them!! I opted for the hug her and the typical male line “are you sure?”


This seems a life time ago and from that early morning in May till now the one thing that has been constant is..... SICKNESS!!!

My fiancée has struggled from the start with this and from early on she told me that she was heavily sick with our first child but this had stopped at 12 weeks (well 11 weeks and 6 days to be precise!). So when she said she had a metallic taste in her mouth I knew something was different and boy did I find out! From very early May she was sick morning, noon and night and it would be caused by the slightest thing - a smell from me, a smell from outside, a taste of food and just about anything.

At first certain food and drinks were craved - such as Orange Fanta! To be honest she was getting through 4-5 cans a day just to take away the metallic taste. So me being the practical one looked around all the supermarkets and found one that had an offer on cans of Orange Fanta - so I purchased 30 cans to get us through a week and save myself from nipping to the corner shop at 21.55pm to get her supplies.

Well did this backfire or what?!?!? This craving was very short lived and after having Orange Fanta coming through her nose (literally!!!) the taste and smell was the worst she had ever had and couldn't stomach another can or even look at one - so there I was stumped with 28 cans of Orange Fanta.

This was not my only 'bulk buying' disaster. They ranged from having 17 bags of Walkers Chunky Ridge Salt and Vinegar through to various chocolate bars and biscuits.

So - I was on countdown to 12 weeks and was rapidly ticking off so many different foods it was untrue - even Mcdonalds Fries were banished and never to be seen again (apart from the sink and that's a clear up operation I don't want to see again!!!).

BOOM we/I made it to 12 weeks, slightly out of pocket for over shopping, gradually overweight and having enough sugars inside me to power me up until 2015! And I still had 11 cans of Orange Fanta in the fridge.

12 weeks became 13, which became 15 and you get the pattern.

The one thing I have forgotten to mention throughout the whole of this is - DEODORANT and AFTERSHAVES. I have gone through 7 different deodorants and at present I'm currently using Nivea Silk and Smooth 48hr (yes its a women's one but I can confirm it smells nice and works) At one point my deodorants were located on top of the fridge as I had to spray them outside. I have since moved to roll on and now women's deodorant. Now, back in the day Channel Platinum Aftershave would send my fiancée into a frenzy and make her drag me upstairs and make me late for work but now it sends me to the naughty step for being stupid by spraying it in the house and sends her for her latest 'go to product' to stop being sick. As of this morning I now have a stock of deodorants in the car (2 of which I cant use!!) and 2 aftershaves.

Only once through this pregnancy have we argued about the sickness and this prompted her to tell me to put a 2p coin in my mouth and suck on it for an hour and that's how her mouth feels constantly. So not one to shirk a challenge - in went 4p (just because I wanted to prove a point!!) and yes I can confirm its horrendous but I didn't tell her that!

We are now 2 weeks from our little fella coming out to play and Stacey (I've called her fiancée and “she” throughout this post so thought I would confirm she has a name) is still being sick - she has good days and bad days but the average is once a day at least.

My only piece of advice for any 'geezer' (because that's what I am!) in this situation is to 'man up' and be prepared to clear sick up, unblock sinks, hold up hair, wash sick away from streets, find nearest toilets in shopping centres ASAP, DON'T BUY BULK, suck 2p coins and quickly adapt to women's deodorant.

And you know what... all this will be forgotten about in under 2 weeks when we get to meet our son.

Since writing this post Matthew and Stacey have had their little boy Freddie. Here are some pictures. Well done Matthew and Stacey you are officially hyperemesis gravidarum survivors now and I think Matthew deserves recognition as an HG Hero for being a super husband and wearing women's deodorant.

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