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Lets talk about bums...

Lets talk about bums...

I've talked a lot in the past about products which don't help relieve pregnancy sickness despite pseudo-science claiming they do. But that's not to say there aren't products out there that can genuinely help make your pregnancy more tolerable. This one has nothing to do with pregnancy sickness or relieving nausea but...

Anyone who has been pregnant, particularly those who have done it more than once will likely know all about the horrors of haemorrhoids! 75% of pregnant women get them – the same amount of women who get pregnancy sickness to any degree – We just don't talk about our bums like we do “morning sickness” which is why the moment you realise that's what's going on down there is so dire – It's a right of passage (excuse the pun) which you simply weren't expecting!

Women with hyperemesis gravidarum are possibly more likely to suffer haemorrhoids (piles) due to prolonged and severe dehydration and medications which cause constipation (Ondansetron is a bitch for that!). Also, the inevitable inactivity and being housebound perhaps makes it worse too. It seems horrifically unfair that on top of constant nausea, regular vomiting and all the other grimness of hyperemesis that you should discover the nightmare of haemorrhoids! I don't have any research to back up a direct correlation between hyperemesis and haemorrhoids but there is plenty of evidence that hyperemesis causes dehydrations, dehydration causes constipation and constipation exacerbates haemorrhoids.

If you've managed to avoid piles through pregnancy and childbirth then you may as well read on anyway as once you hit 40 years of age you've got a 50% chance of getting them anyway... Yippie!

While I was at the Royal College of Midwife conference a couple of weeks ago I noticed a product being displayed which claims to help reduce and prevent piles; it's called HemorRite. I dunno whether it's my nursing background or my up front attitude but people seem to talk to me about all sorts from contraception queries to piles on a regular basis... So I happen to know a number of potential testers for this product (you'll be relieved to know that haemorrhoids tend to clear up after pregnancy for the majority of women – until the natural ageing process brings them back... I'm not at that point yet luckily!).

The product is a thing which you put in the freezer for a couple of hours and then pop on or up your bum... chilly but soothing I should think! It comes with lube you'll be pleased to hear and also a case for keeping it hygienically in the freezer – the last thing that will help either haemorrhoids or hyperemesis is a bout of e-coli from the frozen peas!

It works by causing vaso-constriction to shrink the piles (they are veins which are swollen) and also just straight forward relieves the pain and discomfort. It's completely safe for pregnancy. You use it for 8 minutes for the best effect.

So... I asked my anonymous tester (who is fairly new to the delights of piles but has recently tried a number of over the counter treatments) for their view on the HemorRite product. Here is what they said:

“To start with it's so damn cold that it kind of hurts but you soon get used to it and the relief it gives you after using it is worth it. I preferred it to suppositories and creams anyway as I don't like using them really, they're kind of yucky. I don't know if long term it will actually get rid of them but the relief lasts a fair old while” 

It's quite expensive at nearly £25 but it lasts 6 months and if you've got them bad you can use it up to 4 times a day to start with and then twice a day after that so I guess you rapidly save the cost of alternatives.

So there you have it... a product that definitely won't help pregnancy sickness but may well help the haemorrhoids that follow months of dehydration, starvation and medication.

For stockists see their website: or you can buy it on Amazon:

NB. Although I was given the product for free I haven't received any payment for this review and I wouldn't have written it if I didn't think the product was any good... all views are my own (accept for that of my anonymous tester!).



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