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Calling all Healthcare Professionals with an interest in Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Calling all Healthcare Professionals with an interest in Hyperemesis Gravidarum

As you are likely to know, research into hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) has been massively hampered by the simple fact that as yet we have no agreed definition of HG and no agreed outcome measures for testing treatment.

Some studies look at days in hospital, some use a tool like the PUQE Score, others look at how many anti-emetics are needed but because none of them measure the same things in the same way we cannot metanalysis the data. More importantly from my point of view is that NONE of the studies done so far have asked women and healthcare professionals “What do you think we should measure?”… until now! 


The wonderful team in The Netherlands; Iris Grooten, Tessa Roseboom, Rebecca Painter, Janneke van’t Hooft, who I have had the pleasure to meet and am now collaborating with, are heading up a massive international Delphi Study to establish a definition and Core Outcome Set which will reshape the future of HG research for generations. And we need YOU to be part of it!

They are looking to recruit researchers (including editors, policy makers and guideline developers), obstetricians, patients, midwives, dieticians, general practitioners and nurses to participate in this study. They can be from anywhere in the world, in fact, the more nationalities that are represented the better!

They have already recruited a LOT of patients and therefore at this stage we don’t need more patients to sign up, however, you can help by forwarding this to your midwife, GP or any other healthcare professional you know with an interest and ask them to take part.

What will it involve?

A Delphi study is conducted as four rounds of an online survey over the next few months. If you want to take part it is important you complete all four rounds so that the outcomes can be narrowed down to a consensus. After that a consensus meeting will take place with the key stakeholders to finalise the Definition and Core Outcome Set.

Your participation is voluntary and you can always withdraw from the study at any time. If you are a patient, your participation will not affect your healthcare or professional position.


All data gathered during this project will be handled with confidentiality and saved under code without your contact details. Only the Investigator has access to the data. The results of this study may be published as a scientific paper and if so, all data will be anonymized.

You can contact the team directly if you have any questions by email: or telephone: (0031) (0)20 5668483.

Want to get involved?

Sign up here


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