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aka Extreme Pregnancy Sickness.

What to buy an HG sufferer for Christmas?

What to buy an HG sufferer for Christmas?

You’re making a list and checking it twice… but what do you get for the HG sufferer in your life who can’t leave the house, is triggered by smells and cant eat much apart from a tiny bit of toast?


Thanks to all of the wonderful ideas from Spewing Mummy followers on Facebook and Instagram I have compiled a list with some links that might be helpful in finding that perfect gift!

Pyjamas; as comfortable and soft as you can find to make those hours lying in bed a tiny bit more tolerable.

Dressing Gown; to wrap up in if she does manage to get downstairs

New bed linen; to ensure a healthy bedroom environment and to enjoy that clean bed sheet feeling for just a minute.

Lip balm; not only helps lips to recover from dehydration but some sufferers like a scented lip balm to help cover up trigger smells (check triggers before you buy!)

Scent free lip balm

Peppermint lip balm

A cosy pillow; to make sure she's as comfy as possible when bed or sofa bound

Unscented candles; to help create a relaxing atmosphere.

Audio book app; to help pass the time

DVD Box set; to help pass the time

Detangle brush; bushing her hair everyday can be a challenge, when she is able to a detangling one can help.

Mediation / hypnobirthing cd or podcast; can aid relaxation

Bubble bath; can help relaxation when a bath is possible (make sure there is someone to call if she needs to get out)

A pregnancy massage; can help relaxation if she has some respite from your symptoms

A scrapbook of memories; so she can enjoy reminiscing and be reminded that this won’t last forever.

A bump to birth photo shoot; to remind her of the HG Hero she is

A 2018 diary; planning ahead could help remind her that HG will not last forever.

A soft knitted cotton blanket; to snuggle up in and keep her at just the right temperature

Netflix; to help pass the time

A favourite magazine subscription; to help those hours pass by a little quicker

Hyperemesis Gravidarum The Definitive Guide: to help her feel informed and empowered

Spewing Mummy Pregnancy Calendar; To help tick off those long days


Maybe book a hairdresser to do a home visit.

Something to look forward too after the baby

A paid night out for the couple after the baby is born as relationships can suffer during hg

A cleaner!

And for the HG survivors...

Spend as much time together as a family as you can and make new memories... and possibly a spa day!

It feels like a mountain at the moment

It feels like a mountain at the moment

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